Notes for Sales Team:

  • Bookmark this page for easy revisiting,
  • Sign yourself up for the mailing list so you can witness the email sequence each entry receives. Should you think the emails can be improved then please submit your suggestions to,
  • Work resort by resort ensuring that the maximum quantity and quality of the data is entered. Nobody will purchase if names are not 100% correct (typos, misspellings etc),
  • Use Google to search for each type of business in each resort you have been allocated. For example, if selling to Ski Resorts search for the resort name and each of the Tourist Information Offices, hotels, coffee shops, bars, discos, live music venues, ski hire outlets, ski schools, mountain guides, and other relevant entities.

Please note: The companies that you add here should have permitted you to send them further information, either by telephone or email. If you have already had communication and response(s) from them, or that person/company has contacted us previously – then this expressed permission is not required. If not; send them an email or telephone them and ask – “is it okay if I send you some further information?”

The WOW Adventure provides services in “reducing SPAM“; not adding to it. And our reputation is everything – Thank you!

The fields in the form below:

  • Name – the full name of the person who is the decision-maker at this establishment. If not found on their website (often on an about us or “meet the team” page, then please check LinkedIn for the business name and often it lists registered employees (and CEOs). Enter as “Firstname Surname” (no Mr, Mrs, Miss, Dr etc). If the name cannot be found, please simply enter “there” so messages will be addressed as “Hi there”, “Hello there” etc. Being addressed with their real first name looks much more professional to the recipient.
  • Email – their email address. Highest decision maker you can find. Preferably CEO, Managing Director, Marketing Manager. Receptionists do not purchase websites or SEO.
  • Type of Establishment – self-explanatory. If you need to add others to the drop-down, please email
  • Resort name – always looks nicer with the resort in the email series and gives the idea of being locally SEOed on a town/resort level, for example, the resort of Cervinia in Italy, enter “Cervinia”. This forms part of the email series, for example, “Do you want to be top of Google for Cervinia?”
  • Country: enter whatever country the resort is in, eg “Italy”. This is also used in the emails for suggesting “Do you want to be top of Google for “Hotels in Italy?”, for example.
  • Business name – please get this right as it is also used in questions in the emails such as “Does XYZ Ltd what to get all the hotel (type of business) clients in resortname?”
  • Finally, select your name from the drop-down and click “Add to mailing list”. The first automated email to this is a polite one from you, explaining that we’ll send further information. You’ll see this if you sign yourself up.

Best of luck. Large volumes of leads; produce sales.