Exploring London’s Iconic Big Ben: A Landmark Of History And Culture

Big BenBig Ben is one of London’s most recognizable landmarks. London is a city deep in history and culture, perhaps none more iconic than the majestic Big Ben.

Beloved around the globe as an enduring symbol of strength, unity and resilience. We will explore every nuance of this extraordinary tower from its potent history to its captivating clock face.

We’ll also uncover the secrets behind Big Ben’s legendary bell before looking at how it has become entrenched in both past and present London cultures.

Finally, we’ll provide our readers with all the essential information needed for experiencing this remarkable structure first-hand.

Introduction To Big Ben In London

Big Ben, located in London, England, has been an iconic landmark for centuries. It is most famously known for being part of the Palace of Westminster clock tower and its bongs which can be heard across the city.

This impressive structure stands at a staggering 316 feet tall and was originally completed in 1859. It has become one of London’s most recognizable symbols and a symbol of British identity.

Big Ben’s history dates back to the mid-1800s when it was first created as part of the renovations on Westminster Abbey and Parliament buildings. Since then, it has gone through many renovations to keep up with modern times while still maintaining its classic beauty and significance in London’s culture.

Exploring Big Ben is a must when visiting this beautiful city; you will learn about its fascinating history and get to experience its grandeur first-hand!

Big Ben’s Rich History

Big Ben is one of London's most recognizable landmarks deep in history and cultureBig Ben’s rich history, dating back to 1859, has contributed to its iconic status as one of London’s most recognizable landmarks. It was designed by Augustus Pugin and named after the first Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli.

Big Ben stands 316 feet tall, with the clock itself measuring 23 feet in diameter and made up of 312 pieces of intricately detailed cast iron. The bell itself weighs more than 13 tons and is still rung today, signalling a great chime every hour on the hour since 1967.

Its striking beauty has earned it a place in many films, including “The Dark Knight Rises” starring Christian Bale. Its deep-rooted history makes Big Ben an enduring symbol of London’s cultural richness and identity – a truly unmissable part of any visit to London!

Exploring The Big Ben Landmark

Exploring Big Ben is an experience unlike any other. Not only does it provide a chance to visit one of London’s most iconic landmarks, but you can also feel the history and culture that comes with this incredible structure.

From the massive clock face to the intricate sculptures that adorn its walls and roof, the building itself provides a remarkable insight into centuries of English history and artistry.

With each step through its halls, you will be able to marvel at all of its exquisite details, which show off a true mastery of craftsmanship that makes it stand out today as much as when it was first built over 150 years ago.

The Tower And Its Clock Face

Big Ben is one of London's most recognizable landmarksLondon’s Big Ben is an iconic landmark of immense history and culture, having become a symbol of London and the United Kingdom throughout the world. Almost inseparable from Big Ben’s grandeur is its majestic clock tower, home to one of the most famous clock faces in the world.

Every hour on the hour, visitors can hear its deep bell ringing out across Westminster – a scene which has taken place since 1859 and continues to be filled with awe and admiration by all who witness it.

The intricate craftsmanship that goes into each Roman Numeral marking faceplate only adds to this spectacle as does the impressive mechanics driving this remarkable timekeeper.

Big Ben: The Bell And Its Resonance

The Bell and its Resonance are one of London’s most recognisable and iconic landmarks. The Clock Tower, which houses the Big Ben bell, was built in 1859 and still stands to this day as a symbol of London’s rich history and culture.

The bell itself has a powerful sound that resonates throughout the city, making it an integral part of the city’s identity.

Big Ben has been rung for numerous events over the years such as royal birthdays, New Year’s Eve and Remembrance Day. Its chimes have become a source of comfort on dark days during challenging times in Britain’s past.

It stands proudly today as a beacon of hope for visitors to London, filled with stories handed down through generations waiting to be explored.

Experiencing Iconic London Culture

Exploring London’s iconic Big Ben is an opportunity to experience a unique part of the city’s rich culture. This architectural marvel stands tall above the hustle and bustle of London and serves as a reminder of its long history and vibrant traditions.

For tourists and locals alike, viewing Big Ben provides an unforgettable experience that immerses you in the heart of London’s cultural identity.

Additionally, it is a great spot to take pictures, watch street performers or just observe passing boats while soaking in the atmosphere all around. With such an important piece of local history, seeing Big Ben is a must-do activity for anyone wishing to experience the best of iconic London culture.


In conclusion, Big Ben is one of the most iconic landmarks in London and has served as an enduring symbol of history and culture for centuries.

From its rich architecture to its deep-seated roots in British history, this magnificent structure continues to inspire awe and admiration from all who visit it.

While London has many exciting sights to explore, a trip to Big Ben should be on your itinerary if you want to experience a truly memorable part of the city’s timeless charm.

Written by Tim Wade. Adventurer, Historian, Geographical Web Author & Copywriter. Contact Tim @ WOW.