Please use the following form to add Dental Practices to the South-East Region, Berkshire Area email marketing list.

Please note all fields are required, as follows:

  • “Dentist/Owner Full Name” – this must be completed and be the first name and surname of the senior dentist or the dental practice’s owner/manager. This is usually apparent on most practice websites on their “Meet the Team” page or similar. Both names are important as emails go out with “FAO: full_name” in the subject and “Hi first_name,” as the opening statement in the message body.
  • “Email address” – usually found in the header or footer of Dental Practice websites or on the “Contact Us” page. Hunt for this first as obviously, no email address, no point in hunting for the other info. No email address, move on to the next Dental Practice.
  • “Dental Practice Name” – obviously the name of the dental practice, for example, “Smiles Dental Centre”. Please ensure this is entered with no spelling errors or typos to look at our most professional. Nobody will buy websites from a company that cannot spell their clients’ names correctly.
  • “Location” – the name of the city/town/village where the dental practice is located. It is used in email marketing emails in situations such as “Does dental_practice_name want to be top of Google and get all new patient registrations from people searching Google for “dentist in dental_practice_location”?”
  • “Area Sales Manager/Sales Consultant” – select your name from the drop-down as the introducer. This is the Area Sales Manager or Sales Consultant that entered the data on the mailing list and will be paid the seller’s commission on any subsequent sales.

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