Hi, We kindly request your assistance in adding Dental Practices to our email marketing list. By doing so, they will receive a series of informative emails introducing our web design services tailored specifically for dentists. Moreover, once a practice makes a purchase, we are committed to promptly reaching out to ensure you receive your well-deserved sales commission.

We believe in the WOW Adventure of working together, and for your convenience, we process payments in advance. This means you will be compensated the moment a client places an order and we receive their payment.

Please be mindful that all the fields in the form are mandatory. They include:

  1. “Dentist/Owner Full Name”: This field must be completed with the first and last name of the senior dentist or the dental practice’s owner/manager. Typically, you can find this information on their “Meet the Team” page on their website or a similar source. Both names are essential because our emails address recipients personally, and this personal touch significantly increases the likelihood of engagement. If you cannot ascertain the dentist’s name, please use “there” (in lowercase) to ensure our messages remain friendly with a greeting like “Hi there.”
  2. “Email address”: The email address can usually be located in the header, footer, or the “Contact Us” page of Dental Practice websites. This is a critical piece of information, as without it, further data collection is unfeasible.
  3. “Dental Practice Name”: Please ensure the accurate entry of the dental practice’s name, such as “Smiles Dental Centre.” Accurate spelling is crucial to maintain a professional image, as attention to detail matters greatly in our industry.
  4. “Location”: “city/town/village,” “county/state,” “country.” For example, “Hackney, Greater London, UK.” This information is essential for tailoring our email marketing messages, specifically for each practice, increasing each emails relevance and effectiveness.
  5. “Area Sales Manager/Sales Consultant”: Choose your name from the drop-down menu to indicate that you introduced the data into the mailing list. This ensures that you will receive the commission on any subsequent sales.

We appreciate your dedication to this task and thank you in advance for your support in enhancing our email marketing efforts. Your efforts in ensuring accuracy and completeness will undoubtedly contribute to our collective success. Best regards, Cindy!

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