Is AI Making Us Lazy Salespeople? The Human Touch Still Reigns Supreme

Is AI Making Us Lazy Salespeople?Artificial intelligence (AI) has undoubtedly made a significant impact on the world of sales. While its potential to automate tasks and analyse data is undeniable, a concerning trend is emerging: humans using Artificial Intelligence as a crutch for laziness. This is particularly evident on social media and professional platforms like LinkedIn, where AI-powered tools are employed to mimic genuine interaction and engagement.

The Illusion of Engagement:

Sales professionals are increasingly turning to chatbots and automated messaging tools to handle initial interactions with potential clients. While these tools can save time and resources, they often create a robotic and impersonal experience. Studies by Gartner show that 72% of customers prefer speaking to a human representative when they have a complex question or require personalised service.

Condescension through Convenience?

Even email communication falls victim to Artificial Intelligence overuse. Tools that predict sentence completion or suggest canned responses can lead to condescending and generic messages. A study by SuperOffice revealed that 60% of customers find automated emails impersonal and irrelevant. This approach fails to build trust and rapport, which are essential for successful sales interactions.

AI: A Powerful Tool, Not a Replacement:

While AI shines in tasks like overcoming writer’s block or researching information, it can never replace the human touch in B2B and B2C sales. Building relationships, understanding individual needs, and responding with empathy are all areas where Artificial Intelligence falls short. Authentic interactions and emotional intelligence are vital for closing deals and fostering long-term customer loyalty.

Bots Blocking Human Connection:

Website chatbots have also become commonplace, often frustrating customers with repetitive responses and limited problem-solving capabilities. A recent study by PWC found that 67% of customers prefer to speak to a real person after encountering a chatbot that couldn’t resolve their issue. This reliance on bots can push potential customers away, hindering sales opportunities.

The Human Advantage at The WOW Adventure:

Recognising these limitations, companies like The WOW Adventure prioritise the human touch in their customer interactions. Tim Wade, their leading SEO expert, is a firm believer in ethical and responsible Artificial Intelligence usage. While he has utilised AI in developing WriterBuddy and Post Cheetah for SEO consultation, these platforms complement human expertise, not replace it.

WriterBuddy offers Artificial Intelligence-powered content writer for many sales uses, with grammar and style suggestions, but final editorial decisions remain with the human writer. Similarly, Post Cheetah assists with keyword research and competitor analysis, but the strategy and implementation are crafted by experienced SEO professionals. This human-centric approach ensures high-quality, relevant content that resonates with audiences.

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