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Jobin Cloud for LinkedIn Job PostingsAre you tired of spending hours on manual prospecting and engagement tasks? Say goodbye to monotonous and repetitive activities with Jobin.cloud, your go-to solution for seamless and efficient prospecting. Whether you’re a recruiter, marketer, salesperson, entrepreneur, or small business owner, Jobin.cloud is designed to help you discover and engage with your target audience effortlessly.

See Jobin.cloud in Action!

Watch Jobin.cloud in action as it leverages Google X-Ray searches to find profiles that match your criteria. Our All-in-One Prospecting Automation Tool combines the power of free sourcing, LinkedIn automation, ATS+CRM system, and multichannel drip messaging campaigns, all integrated with ChatGPT for personalized interactions.

Jobin.cloud in 50 seconds

  • All-in-One Prospecting Workflow: From free sourcing automation to LinkedIn (unlimited) capabilities, X-Ray scraping, CSV import, and more, Jobin.cloud covers your end-to-end prospecting needs.
  • Outreach Automation: Streamline your outreach with automated bulk sequencing, LinkedIn messages, InMails, and email campaigns, all bypassing the 100/week limit. Enjoy message personalisation with integrated ChatGPT.
  • Customizable Pipelines and Filters: Organize your prospects with customisable pipelines, rankable filters, and an interaction timeline. Auto-update profiles and keep track of every interaction effortlessly.
  • Build a Lasting Network: Jobin.cloud helps you build a network of prospects and business contacts that becomes a long-term asset. Have access to their full bio profiles, auto-tag and annotate, nurture relationships, build trust, and sell!

How Jobin.cloud Works?

  1. Jobin.cloudStart your FREE account: Sign up with your email, install the Chrome extension, and you’re ready to go. Enjoy a multitude of FREE features forever.
  2. See for Yourself: Import unlimited LinkedIn profiles, auto-import and manage your 1st connections, build custom pipelines, create lists, and apply rankable filters. Enrich profiles with emails, phone numbers, and social presence.
  3. Continuous Flow of Prospects: Engage with your prospects at scale using automated sequences via emails, LinkedIn connections, and messages. Save time and focus on what matters most.
  4. Give it an Extra Boost: Enhance your experience with modular Premium Solutions to increase productivity with features that interest you the most.

Find Clients & Candidates Easily with Jobin.cloud

  • Limitless Bulk Automated FULL Profile Imports: Import profiles from various LinkedIn Job Postings sources with JobIin.cloud, including search results, groups, posts, events, and 1st connections. Conduct multiple Google and Bing X-ray searches for comprehensive results.
  • Multi-Channel Outreach: Engage the right people in bulk with custom templates and smart fields. Bypass the 100 weekly limit with unlimited LinkedIn connection requests. Automate follow-up messages, LinkedIn direct messaging, inMails, and bulk emailing.
  • Track Messaging and Contact Interactions: Access a full interactions history timeline for every contact, shared with workgroup members for perfectly harmonious cooperation. Keep track of messages sent/received, unified inbox (emails + LinkedIn), invitations sent, multi tags, notes, events, and workflow milestones.

Always Find the Right People

  • Advanced Ranking Systems: Not just filtering, but sorting contacts by the best match. Utilise geographic distance search, LinkedIn OPEN profile filtering, connection level filtering, email search, and more.
  • Databases Always Kept Fresh: Auto-update all contacts with their current LinkedIn profiles. De-duplicate, merge, and clean all data in your database. Never let your database grow old or rot away as time passes.

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