PartnerStack is Revolutionising B2B SaaS Partnerships for Unprecedented Business SuccessPartnerStack: Revolutionising B2B SaaS Partnerships for Unprecedented Business Success

PartnerStack stands out as the ultimate Full Stack Solution for B2B SaaS partnerships. This comprehensive platform has garnered significant attention, boasting a remarkable 200% YoY increase in Partner Program Sales, as witnessed by industry giants like Monday.com1.

Additionally, PartnerStack proudly reports a staggering 600% increase in active partners, exemplified by the success story of Looka. Furthermore, a noteworthy 18% of new trials are attributed to partnerships, showcasing the platform’s undeniable impact on user acquisition for Teamwork.

Automating the Pain Points

PartnerStack strategically addresses the challenges associated with managing partnerships. By automating cumbersome tasks, businesses can redirect their focus towards daily high-impact performance, ushering in a new era of efficiency.

PartnerStack Features: A Glimpse into Excellence

  1. Customer Testimonials: A Resounding Vote of Confidence
    • Weblow, Zoominfo, Close, Riipen
    • CallRail, Aircall, Gorgias, Maropost
    • Vimeo, Freshworks, Teamwork, Looka
  2. Championing Partner Success
    • Custom onboarding journeys and training for partner success.
  3. Tracking Progress Effectively
    • Understanding traffic flow, conversions, and attributing them to partners.
  4. Seamless Reward System
    • Automated partner pay with a single monthly invoice, regardless of partner volume.
  5. Optimising for Scale
    • Empowering partners with detailed reporting and actionable insights.
  6. Strategic Partner Recruitment
    • Promoting partner programs to an active marketplace of 65,000+ partners.

Unveiling the B2B Partner Network

PartnerStack opens the door to a world-class B2B partner network, connecting businesses with over 65,000 active SaaS partners. Agencies, resellers, and marketers find a common ground on this platform, aligning perfectly with your business goals.

  • 149% Growth: The average PartnerStack customer witnesses substantial revenue growth.
  • 185M+ Revenue: Partners on PartnerStack contributed a staggering revenue in the past year.
  • 45 Days to Launch: Rapid deployment, with the average customer launching a new partner program in just 45 days.

Hear directly from their customers

They are trusted by over 500 SaaS Development Companies and over 80,000 partners:

Full Stack Solution for PartnershipsPartner Program Sales IncreasePartnerStack B2B SaaS

The Ecosystem Platform: Where Success Thrives

Loved by partners and flexible in integrations, PartnerStack seamlessly connects with popular marketing, sales, and business intelligence software. Salesforce, Stripe, HubSpot, Slack, Recurly, Changebee, Pipedrive, and Google Sheets are just a few examples.

Real Voices, Real Success

  • “PartnerStack works great for adding my leads, clients, and tracking their activities and pay outs. It’s been easy to use and very helpful.”
    • Jennifer Rhima, Director of Partnerships
  • “I like how the layout is very easy to follow and use. Super friendly. You can toggle easily between all the different platforms you use, which keeps things very organized.”
    • Phil S., Chief Revenue Officer
  • “PartnerStack has been essential in building a scalable process for onboarding, engaging, and rewarding partners.”
    • Anca Bujor, Channel Partnerships Manager at Unbounce

Diversify Your Partnerships with the SaaS Collaboration Company

The business partnership giant emerges as the go-to solution for every kind of partnership, empowering businesses to run multiple programs simultaneously. Whether it’s affiliate partners, referral partners, or reseller partners, the company caters to all, fostering growth and scalability.

“The platform is very intuitive, and I can see in one place my stats, activity, and earnings.”

  • David M, Senior Director and Co-founder

“The team was super-helpful, using actual English terms when explaining the process.”

  • Maria H, Business Development Manager

B2B Partnership Hub: Elevating Your B2B SaaS Game

In the real world of business digital and affiliate marketing, where competition is fierce, businesses are continually seeking innovative ways to stand out and connect with their target audience. The SaaS Partnership Hub emerges as a game-changer, providing a full-stack solution for B2B SaaS partnerships that not only elevates brand visibility but also drives substantial growth.

Automating Success with PartnerStack:

PartnerStack goes beyond traditional methods by automating cumbersome tasks associated with partnership management, allowing businesses to focus on high-impact daily performance. The platform’s features are designed to streamline processes and maximize efficiency, ensuring that businesses make the most of their partnerships.

Activating, Tracking, and Rewarding Partners:

The platform excels in championing partners to perform at their best. Custom onboarding journeys, training, and resources tailored to the product ensure that partners are well-equipped for success. Tracking partner progress becomes seamless, with insights into traffic flows and conversion points. Automating partner payments with a single monthly invoice eliminates the hassle of manual calculations, ensuring that partners are duly rewarded.

Optimising Scale and Recruiting Partners:

To prove ROI faster, the B2B partnership company provides detailed reporting and statistics, empowering partners to optimize their performance continually. The platform’s ability to recruit the right partners is unparalleled, with access to a marketplace boasting 65,000+ active SaaS development partners. This vast network allows businesses to discover ideal partners and propel their programs to new heights.

The Ecosystem Platform:

Loved by partners and offering flexible integrations, PartnerStack connects seamlessly with the most common marketing, sales, and business intelligence software. With integrations such as Salesforce, Stripe, HubSpot, Slack, and more, it ensures a comprehensive and user-friendly experience.

Testimonials from Real Users:

The company’s impact is best conveyed through the words of its users. Jennifer Rhima, Director of Partnerships, emphasises the platform’s scalability and support in building a major acquisition channel. Phil S., Chief Revenue Officer, appreciates the company’s intuitive layout, providing a centralised hub for stats, activity, and earnings. Anca Bujor, Channel Partnerships Manager at Unbounce, recognises PartnerStack as essential in building a scalable process for onboarding, engaging, and rewarding partners.

To finish, the company emerges as the go-to-market growth platform for B2B SaaS, offering a diverse range of partnerships, including affiliate, referral, and reseller partners. With proven success metrics, a user-friendly interface, and a robust ecosystem, the affiliate platform empowers businesses to diversify their channels and scale revenue effectively.


1. How does PartnerStack automate partner payments?

  • The company automates partner payments with a single monthly invoice, eliminating the need for mind-numbing manual calculations.

2. Can I customise onboarding journeys for partners on PartnerStack?

  • Yes, The company allows businesses to create custom onboarding journeys, training, and resources tailored to their products.

3. How does PartnerStack recruit the right partners for my business?

  • The B”B giant provides access to a marketplace of 65,000+ active SaaS partners, allowing businesses to discover and connect with ideal partners.

4. What integrations are available on the SaaS platform?

  • The company seamlessly connects with common software such as Salesforce, Stripe, HubSpot, Slack, and more, ensuring flexible and extensive integrations.

5. How has PartnerStack impacted real users?

  • Users, including Jennifer Rhima, Phil S., and Anca Bujor, highlight the company’s essential role in building scalable processes, intuitive layout, and valuable support in growing partnerships.