Rob Newman presents a stand-up performance at Southampton Comedy Club

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Rob Newman at Southampton Comedy Club

Rob Newman at Southampton Comedy ClubRob Newman returns to present a great stand-up performance at Southampton Comedy Club, The Attic. Featuring material from his BBC Radio 4 show, Rob Newman On Air, acclaimed comedian Rob Newman presents a stand-up performance at the Southampton comedy club that explores the long journey of humanity; from prehistoric cave paintings to our current quest for sustainable cities.

As he examines our identity and asks about our destiny, Rob Newman also ponders how on earth spiders can fly! His new show dives into how learning to move in unison saved the ancient humans and considers what groundbreaking scientific findings could mean for life after the era of oil.

Newman – Biography of the comedian

Rob Newman began performing comedy in the late 1980s as an impressionist, which led to him becoming a star after appearing on The Mary Whitehouse Experience (1989-92) alongside David Baddiel, Hugh Dennis, and Steve Punt. This TV and radio program was named for campaigner for “moral decency” on television, Mary Whitehouse. Due to the success of this programme, the comedic duo gained fame in the early 1990s with their own series called Newman and Baddiel in Pieces (1993).

Despite this partnership being celebrated in the media as ‘the new rock and roll’, there were reports that it was full of tension. Newman and Baddiel’s shows (on both TV and stage) featured them delivering different monologues rarely intersecting with each other except for sketches such as History Today.

Ultimately, tensions ended up escalating between them leading to one final show together at Wembley Arena during their Live and in Pieces tour before they parted ways.

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