Southampton’s Premier “Open Mic Comedy Night” at The Attic

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Open Mic Comedy Night
The Attic Comedy Club in Southampton (Totton)

Welcome to the Southampton’s Open Mic Comedy Night at The Attic Comedy Club in Totton! This exciting monthly open mic comedy event in Southampton, fronts one of the foremost cities for comedy shows in the United Kingdom.

This amazing event is held on the first Thursday of every month. Audience members and performers can get involved and there are great facilities available for those that just want to come and enjoy the fun with a drink or two.

The comedy night also attracts some professional guest comedians that will be performing at each month’s events as they try out their own new material.

So come and join The Attic for an entertaining journey into Southampton’s Open Mic Comedy Night!

Audience Registration And Participation

Southampton’s Open Mic Comedy Night is one of the most unique nights out and exciting events in town!

All are welcome to attend, however we kindly request that those interested in participating fully please to and ensure they’re pre-registered by emailing [email protected] also ensuring to include any links to previous video footage, YouTube links etc.

This is a completely open event so whether you’re an experienced professional comedian or a complete novice looking to give it a try, there’s something for everyone.

The Attic strongly encourage audience participation too, as nothing makes the night more enjoyable than hearing the laughter of our all of their guests. So make sure not to miss out and join us on the first Thursday of every month from 7 pm!

Demitris Deech is amongst the Professional Guest Comedians this month and is certainly a great one to look out for

Dimitris Deech at Southampton Comedy Night venueThis month, Southampton’s Open Mic Comedy Night is proud to present Demitris Deech testing out some new material.

The Attic’s open mic night at Southampton is UK renowned and often draws experienced stand-up comedians from all over the UK, so it’s no surprise that this month Demitris Deech is joining in and sure to get you laughing.

He certainly has the ability to turn everyday situations into comedic gold. Be sure to come out this month on the 2nd March and catch some incredible comedy!

Hilarious Open Mic Comedy Night in Southampton

This unique and hilarious Open Mic Comedy Night in Southampton is an experience that everyone should try at least once. It’s a great way to get out of your comfort zone, meet new people, and have a few laughs.

The atmosphere is inviting and encourages audience participation, so don’t be shy! So grab your friends and come experience the fun of Southampton’s Open Mic Comedy Night – tickets here!

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