Tommy Cooper Tribute Show – New Forest Comedy Festival

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The Tommy Cooper Tribute Show is back at the New Forest Comedy Festival on the 15th June at Forest Arts Centre, New Milton. Since its 2014 debut in celebration of 30 years since Tommy Cooper’s death, the No. 1 tribute show, Just Like That! The Tommy Cooper Show has enjoyed tremendous success, including a sixteen-week run at London’s Museum of Comedy and two fully booked runs at Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival.

This show is a fantastic way to mark the legacy left by Britain’s best-loved comedian, featuring all the iconic fez and magical gags we know so well, combined with handpicked jokes from his archives and some of his most beloved illusions. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable homage to an absolute legend!

Vicky, the daughter of Tommy, expresses her joy and pride that her father is being honoured 30 years later through this cherished production. She commented that he would be delighted to know his humour is still making people laugh.

John Hewer, who plays the character in the fez states that those attending will experience excellent family night entertainment with a mix of music, magic and copious quantities of Tommy’s comedic style. This show at New Forest Comedy Festival marks an ode to Tommy Coopers’s legacy and it’s an honour to showcase his timeless sillinesses to both veteran and new fans alike.

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