Web design & SEO company in Southampton with Professional Copywriting ServicesThe WOW Adventure Ltd is an innovative web design & SEO company incorporating leading UK professionals. Industry experts in data centre provisioning, computer network engineering, and application development. Specifically the web design and search engine optimisation markets since the beginning of their conception and long before Google’s introduction to the world.

Our goal is to offer dedicated sales professionals a range of highly profitable and completely customisable solutions in the form of website products which can be quickly deployed. And alongside cutting-edge management applications for:

  • HR & marketing expertise,
  • sales, support and CRM,
  • budget, project or task management,
  • accounting & bookkeeping solutions,
  • e-commerce and increasing “in-store” business,
  • cellular, web and cloud solutions,
  • remote working collaborative application management,
  • video conferencing and remote working solutions
  • and whatever else our customers desire.

Web Design & SEO company with the richest and most successful clients

We strive to target only high-paid industries with a small number of decision-makers in global marketplaces and as part of our efforts, we are already number one on Google for internationally competitive SEO searches especially when also related to our products and services, as well as locally and geographically.

Thus raising our customer’s confidence tremendously, making selling much easier for our own Sales Teams and generally making everything more convenient – for everybody involved.

Since we registered our company and domain name in January 2023, we have already seen considerable success in this venture. The WOW Adventure are now looking forward to expanding our reach across the UK and globally across the English-speaking world. We are already taking on more international clients and sales staff.

Our true vision is to develop and grow a dynamic and successful global sales force, whilst providing a first-class service to our customers. Our aim is to create a platform for success where individuals can be truly recognised and rewarded for their hard work, dedication and passion.

An innovative company incorporating leading UK professionals targeting the highest-paid industries. Companies with small numbers of decision-makers in truly global marketplaces…

We want our teams of HR Recruiters, National Sales Managers, Area Sales Managers, Sales Consultants, and part-time remote workers to feel empowered. The WOW Adventure provide the very best remote working automation resources and tools available today These include comprehensive training programs, online CRM tools, comprehensive databases of leads, and automated email marketing systems.

We deliver great rewards packages which are significantly and competitively higher than industry standards.

Global Sales Managers and Sales Teams best market our Web Design & SEO company

Our sales teams will be motivated to achieve continuous growth in sales through solid marketing efforts. This is combined with high levels of data accuracy, sales lead generation and customer service satisfaction. We set ambitious performance targets and train, help and retain our staff to high earnings. The WOW Adventure reward our staff for their exceptional achievements. Exceptionally high OTE salary (up to 40%), performance-related bonuses and company perks including company shares, share save scheme and international travel opportunities.

At The WOW Adventure Ltd we believe that everyone involved should receive fair rewards for the extra effort they put into achieving success in reaching their goals. Our structure ensures that generous rewards flow down throughout all levels of the organisation. Each person is inspired and helped to progress even further within their career path within our company.

You and “our vision”…

Our vision at The WOW Adventure Ltd is to be the world leader in data centre applications and cloud technology solutions around the globe. We promote a very high reputation for best providing high-income companies with the right tools they need to be highly successful within their own industries.

We believe that through modern technology investments along with exceptional customer service options available throughout every step of the process. We can help any business reach its full potential.

The heart of The WOW Adventure Ltd ethos lies within its people. We very much invest in the right people and as the leading web design & SEO company, we very much look forward to taking this journey, with you, together!*

If you think you have what it takes, you can apply to join our ever-growing and motivated sales teams by clicking here. Should you have any comments or questions please don’t hesitate to ask us by clicking here.

We are currently recruiting across all areas of the countries shaded blue, with the dark blue areas, a priority:

Sales Managers and Sales Consultants and Reps recruitment distribution for global web design and SEO company

*Working for The WOW Adventure Limited is rewarded with a very generous commission-based sales performance basis. This is paid up to £533 per month as a temporary employee. Further earnings are paid by Contractors Limited company invoice only. Should you be interested in working for us but don’t have a limited company as yet, please let us know as soon as possible when you are recruited. The WOW Adventure operates a very simple policy on commission: profits on any sale are divided by three – 1/3rd goes into the company. The remaining 2/3rds are equally shared by those delivering the technical solution and the sales team that sold it. This 1/3rd is split 25% National Sales Manager, 25% Regional Sales Manager, 25% Area Sales Manager and 25% Area Sales Consultant. National, Regional and Area Sales Managers take profit shares on both all of their teams sales (25%) and their own sales (25%) – hence sales competition is fierce and rewards are very high.