Business Essential: Standard IT Support for Faster Response

    £270.00 / month

    The “Business Essential” plan comprehensively supports your daily and standard IT support needs. Our dedicated IT support team and tier offers phone, email, and chat support channels for convenient issue reporting. Our team strives to respond to your inquiries within 8 hours, minimising downtime and ensuring business continuity.


    Standard IT Support for BusinessBusiness Essential Standard IT Support Plan: Faster Response and Dedicated Service

    The “Business Essential” Standard IT Support Plan builds upon the strong foundation of our “Peace of Mind” plan, offering a comprehensive suite of features designed to keep your business technology running smoothly and efficiently. Our dedicated IT support team is what sets this plan apart so let’s explore its ideal applications.

    Prioritised Support Channels

    Time is of the essence in today’s fast-paced business environment. The Business Essential plan elevates your support experience with priority access to our dedicated IT support team through both email and WhatsApp responses/chat. Imagine a scenario where a critical application malfunctions, halting your workflow. With priority email and Whatsapp responses in the standard IT support, you can reach our team swiftly, bypassing any general support queues. This ensures your concerns receive prompt attention, minimising downtime and potential productivity losses.

    Dedicated IT Support Team

    The “Peace of Mind” plan offers reliable support, but the Business Essential plan takes it a step further by assigning you a dedicated support team. This personalised approach fosters a deeper understanding of your specific IT environment and needs.

    Your dedicated team becomes familiar with your hardware, software, and network configuration, enabling them to diagnose and resolve issues more efficiently. Over time, this familiarity allows them to anticipate potential problems and proactively address them before they disrupt your operations.

    Each engineer is MCSE, MCP, and/or CNE certified, demonstrating their mastery of a wide range of Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA technologies. This in-depth knowledge ensures they can effectively diagnose and resolve a broad spectrum of IT issues you might encounter.

    Expanded Technology Coverage

    Beyond desktops and laptops, the Business Essential plan extends its reach to encompass a broader range of technologies crucial for your business operations. This includes network devices such as routers and switches – the backbone of your network infrastructure. Network issues can have a cascading effect, impacting everything from internet connectivity to file sharing. With the Business Essential plan, you gain peace of mind knowing that your network devices are also covered, ensuring seamless communication and data flow within your organisation.

    Preferred Access to On-Site Support

    While the majority of issues can be effectively addressed remotely, unforeseen circumstances might necessitate on-site intervention. The Business Essential plan provides you with preferred access to on-site support for critical issues that demand a physical presence to diagnose or resolve. This ensures that even the most complex technical challenges receive prompt attention and minimise disruptions to your core operations. It’s important to note that on-site support comes with additional charges, allowing us to cater to the specific needs of each situation while maintaining the cost-effectiveness of the overall plan.

    Who Should Consider the Business Essential Plan?

    The Business Essential plan is ideal for businesses that heavily rely on their technology for daily operations. If your core workflows involve applications, data access, and seamless network connectivity, this plan offers the robust support you need. It’s particularly suitable for organisations experiencing frequent technical challenges or those with a growing IT infrastructure. As your business scales and your technology landscape becomes more complex, the Business Essential plan provides the necessary scalability and dedicated support to ensure your technology remains a reliable asset.

    Faster Response Times for Enhanced Efficiency

    Beyond its expanded coverage and dedicated support, the Business Essential plan prioritises your needs with a guaranteed response time of within 8 hours during working hours. This commitment to responsiveness underscores the plan’s focus on minimising downtime and maximising productivity. Knowing that your concerns will be addressed promptly fosters a sense of security and empowers your team to work efficiently, confident that technical roadblocks will be resolved swiftly.

    The Business Essential IT Support Plan offers a compelling combination of features designed to elevate your technology support experience. From prioritised communication channels and dedicated support teams to comprehensive technology coverage and preferred access to on-site assistance, this plan empowers businesses to leverage their technology with confidence and minimise disruptions. If your business thrives on reliable technology and demands a responsive and personalised approach to IT support, then the Business Essential plan may be the perfect fit for your organisation’s needs.

    *This monthly pre-paid retainer contract includes 10 support tickets per month. Each ticket covers up to one hour of our support team’s time to diagnose and resolve your technical issue. Please note that while we aim for efficient resolutions within this timeframe, any additional time required for complex issues exceeding the initial hour will be billed at our standard customer engineering rate of £85 per hour. This ensures we can provide comprehensive support for your specific needs, even beyond the included tickets.


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