Eleanor Tiernan and Aideen McQueen on Wednesday 8th March 2023 at Comedy Club in Southampton

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Eleanor Tiernan and Aideen McQueen at The Attic Comedy Club in Southampton

Eleanor Tiernan and Aideen McQueen on Wednesday 8th March 2023 at The Attic Comedy Club in SouthamptonCome join Eleanor Tiernan and Aideen McQueen on Wednesday 8th March 2023 at The Attic Comedy Club in Southampton as they present an all-female comedy showcase to celebrate International Women’s Day!

Enjoy some laughs with these amazingly talented female comedians and have a fantastic night of entertainment.

Eleanor Tiernan’s reputation as a brilliant stand-up comic has quickly grown, especially in the UK and Ireland. She has made nine appearances at the Edinburgh Fringe since 2019.

Tiernan was featured on The Panel and Stuart Lee’s Alternative Comedy Experience, while her sketches were broadcast in three seasons of Irish Pictorial Weekly. In 2007 she created “Help” and “Help The Frigid” in 2014. Also, she went on a stand-up tour with the “National Therapy Project” which happened in 2015.

In 2022 Tiernan had a role on ITV/Virgin Media Ireland show Holding. On paper, she wrote for the Sunday Times Ireland edition and was also a columnist for The Irish Examiner; plus, she was part of the Buffering lineup. Additionally, BBC Radio 4 released her 2018 Edinburgh show entitled Success Without Sex Tape that same year along with an April edition of The News Quiz which includes contributions from Tiernan herself.

In addition to her roles as a panellist on Where’s the F In News? and The Blame Game (BBC Northern Ireland), Eleanor recently appears in Holding, an adaptation of Graham Norton’s debut novel. Her comedy is known for its sharp wit and she has earned positive reviews for her solo shows; likewise, she was selected for the Sunday Times’ list of Top Ten Female Stand-Ups To Watch.

Aideen McQueen as a special guest

Aideen McQueen helps lead an all-female comedy lineup to celebrate International Women’s Day at The Attic Comedy Club in SouthamptonWe are pleased to have Aideen McQueen as a special guest. She has been recognized by RTE, TG4, and BBC Northern Ireland for her work in comedy and radio writing. She has opened for the biggest names in comedy like Ardal O’ Hanon, Dylan Moran, Johnny Vegas, Phil Kay, Sean Hughes, Reginald D Hunter, Des Bishop, David O Doherty, Neil Delamere, Arthur Smith and Frankie Boyle.

Aideen McQueen’s talents go beyond comedy as she is also a musician (singer and guitarist), a proficient speaker of the Irish language and was formerly an elementary school teacher. Aideen is described as “spontaneous – in the losing my keys rather than kitesurfing way.” Reviews from top sources such as Hot Press and Des Bishop acclaim her with remarks like “One of comedy’s undiscovered talents,” and “Such a strong act.”

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