Southampton Comedy – Alfie Moore, “Fair Cop Unleashed”

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Alfie Moore, ex-British Policeman, now comedian at Southampton Comedy Club

Policeman Alfie Moore, in Southampton comedy showAlfie Moore, a former police officer from England, is an author, stand-up comedian and radio host. And he’s coming to Southampton Comedy Club, The Attic.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience Alfie Moore’s newest stand-up tour show! Fair Cop Unleashed is based on one of his exciting realistic stories from his time as a police officer. Listen to him recount the thrilling events when a mysterious clown visited, putting more than one person in danger. It was a serious situation, but you’re sure to be entertained by his signature light-hearted humour and personal reflections from life within the police force.

Alfie Moore has been a police officer for close to two decades and is aware of just about every scenario, so in combination with his law enforcement experience, he has plenty of entertaining tales that are too improbable to be invented.

Alfie skilfully mixes layman’s terms on legal matters with humour, making his BBC Radio 4 Comedy series IT’S A FAIR COP the ideal platform for him to share anecdotes from his time on the force as he takes people through a real-life police story.

Alfie ‘enlists’ the audience as police officers in the show and offers them genuine moral dilemmas similar to those that real police officers confront daily. He then encourages them to disclose what choices they would have made in those situations, leading to intriguing and entertaining outcomes.

Southampton Comedy – “Fair Cop Unleashed”

Policeman Alfie Moore, in Southampton comedy showIn retrospect, decisions taken by police officers in the field can appear to be mistaken; however, it is important to remember that officers typically need to make split-second decisions with limited knowledge of a situation. Through Alfie Moore scenarios, audiences are given a glimpse into what it is like to be put in this pressured scenario and have to make these difficult choices.

Moore worked with the Humberside Police for over two decades prior to transitioning to stand-up comedy. He was featured on Jason Manford’s ITV show Show Me the Funny and has since made appearances on The Wright Stuff, Sky News Paper Review, Comic Relief, ITV News Calendar and Look North.

★★★★ “…offbeat, revealing and very funny”
Daily Mail
★★★★ “…lots of well-crafted jokes and a large dash of police gallows humour”
“Brilliantly funny…. genuinely hilarious”
David Mitchell

Southampton Comedy - Alfie Moore - he's not an ACAB pig bastard - he's the new PC number 1312 and a "Fair Cop Unleashed"Most recently Alfie Moore served as a presenter for Caught on Camera on Channel 5.

Additionally, Moore has appeared as a guest comedian on several radio shows such as Today (BBC Radio 4), The Richard Bacon Show (BBC 5 Live), The Jeremy Vine Show (BBC Radio 2), and he even hosted his own stand-up comedy show called Alfie Moore – It’s a Fair Cop which is now up to its seventh series.

Moore has performed four shows at the Edinburgh Festival, in 2012 with I Predicted a Riot, in 2013 Viva Alf’s Vegas with Phil McIntyre Ents as Promoter and later in 2014 The Naked Stun sold out for 25 nights, gaining the Edinburgh Fringe laurel for a successful performance.

Moore’s 2015 performance was called Alfie Moore – A Fair Cop Stands Up and was followed by additional shows of The Naked Stun and Getting Away with Murder. His most recent show ‘Fair Cop Unleashed’ is based on a true story yet its Spring/summer dates previously had to be rescheduled due to the coronavirus outbreak. Now here arrive at Southampton’s leading comedy club, The Attic. Make sure you purchase tickets today for Alfie Moore, and well in advance – as it’s sure to be a complete sell-out nearer to the event!

Alfie Moore – he’s the new and hilarious comedy funnyman with his new show, “Fair Cop Unleashed”

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